Thursday, June 5, 2008

All that Jazz

I really like Jazz but I never had played Jazz before. Though it seems rather unlikely to find a decent Jazz club in the spanish mountains, about 25km away from the seaside in a tiny village called Llosa de Camacho, well, that´s what actually happened.
Emilio´s Bar is a small bar in this village and every Friday night there´s Jazz played by Emilio´s Piano Trio (Dave, Peter & Dave) and it´s an unbelievably relaxed and entertaining athmosphere. A lot of guest musicians and singers join in and the audience is enjoying every performance, which is most of the times on a surprisingly high level.

Last Friday I joined as a guest-guitarist for the first time and we did some Jazz improvisations - a rather new world to me, which I liked very much. For our next evenings I will prepare some jazzy tunes. Here´s a little snapshot of last Friday´s jam: